Andrew's Honey

Andrew Cote--The BeeKeeper

Andrew Cote is a fourth-generation beekeeper and polyglot who sells a gorgeous array of local honey varietals at Greenmarkets year-round. He was born into a beekeeping family in Connecticut and is (at least) the 4th generation to carry on this ancient art. Andrew runs Silvermine Apiary, home of Andrew's Taste-Bud Bursting Local Wildflower Honey. Although tending to his many hives in Connecticut and New York City is a full-time job, Andrew's passions and occupations are diverse.


The beekeeper dubbed by New York Times food journalist Mark Bittman as "one of the industry's legends" and by Bon Appetit as “hot tempered”, is a Fulbright scholar and full-time professor as well as beekeeper extraordinaire. Andrew is also the founder of two non-profit organizations, Bees Without Borders and the New York City Beekeepers Association (NYCBA).

NYCBA is a hive for urban beekeepers and bee enthusiasts, which has been abuzz with excitement since New York City lifted its ban on beekeeping. The Association offers beekeeping classes and monthly workshops on topics ranging from swarm prevention to mead-making to the latest research on Colony Collapse Disorder.

Through Bees Without Borders, Andrew teaches beekeeping as a method of poverty alleviation for under-served communities from the local (East New York, Brooklyn) to the far-flung (Iraq, Uganda, Nigeria, Haiti, and Ecuador, to name a few).

At heart, Andrew is an educator. He teaches English and Literature to college students in order to cultivate minds and beekeeping in order to bring a sustainable source of income and pollination for agricultural projects in neglected areas of the city and of the world. Andrew is a dynamic speaker and has been seen, heard, or read about on The Martha Stewart Show, the BBC (radio and television), NPR (Leonard Lopate Show), PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, NHK, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London, The Sydney Morning Herald, and in AP and Reuters articles worldwide, and many, many others including, but not limited to, television in Australia, Korea, Germany, France, Japan, and Russia.